Crossroads to Tomorrow

we interrupt this program...

declaration of war on silver line city

A Hooded figure standing in front of an alter of some kind stands motionless and quickly throws his arms up.

“To the sheep of silver line the time has come to free you from this false illusion of peace and happiness. each of you is being kept from reaching your full potential we all have a duty to transform ourselves into greater beings.”

“but fear not the higher powers that guide me have given me a sign that it is now the time. today at 4:50 pm we set into motion a tool that would help each and everyone achieve your perfect form. however it has come to my attention that among you there are those with powers granted to them by false gods. to you apostates i give you this one warning, continue to interfere and we will find you and bring down our masters wrath down upon you.”

“Glory to the all seer! For he knows all, sees all, and leads all.”



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