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oh man, crazy day.

__*yeah i’ll say*_

holy spirits, did you see that guy!?! i could wash clothes on those abs! wanna take a bite outta that…

whoa, down girl!

and when he picked me up and we flew…

you’re swooning. seriously, stop that.

and the Doc, crazy right?? i mean day glow!

Fanny pack though, pretty neat. How was the snickers?

eh, little melted, edible though. :sigh:

how you holding up, ma’ii?

kevin…we killed people…i mean, okay not a person-person, more like a freaky experiment gone horribly sci fi B-movie shit but…damn.

yes, and you did well, you protected your comrades, we worked well as a team.

yeah…yeah, we did pretty good right? i mean, the big guy scooped all those zambies up, threw out the canisters! and the doc …did stuff? I mean, we got all those folks out before they got zambied. thats cool…

yes. we did damned good.

so…are we gonna go to the docs creepy old guy lair? cuz, i wanna know how he restocks that fanny pack.

Ma’ii…just go and get a snickers if you’re hungry…

Shush! Rituals happening!! Need SUSTINANCE!

Coyote Page 1

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