Crossroads to Tomorrow

Braking news!!

The Silver lining news

A young good looking African American woman appears on the TV screen with the words braking news scrolling on the bottom of the screen. “Good After Noon i’m Amanda Sparks for the Silver lining news, and we’re coming to you to you live from the Silver Line science expo exhibit. just moments ago numerous explosions went off here in the expo. we don’t have an exact number of causalities at the moment as even the police who have just arrived on the scene are not able to enter the grounds due to the fear that the gas that was let off in the explosions could be some kind of biological weapon.”

“i’m going to try to talk to someone coming out of the area, excuse me can i get a commit from you what happened sir.” Amanda turns around and starts to approach people who keep running and refusing to talk to her til she finds a tall slender man sitting down trying to catch his breath.

“A big explosion happened then the cloud came and people started changing and attacking other people like some kind of zombie movie or something gasp…gasp i need to go i can’t breath i think i breathed in some of that gas.” the man gets up and quickly runs away.

“Big explosion and many people hurt is this some kind of accident or a terrorist plot? We will have more details as we learn more from the police who are now on the scene we now take you back to our studio.



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