Crossroads to Tomorrow

Things heat up for the home team

News of the day.

Today in sports things really heated up at Silver Lining Stadium where the Eagles were taking on there long time rivals the Gray Stone Ravens. Things were going fine for the Eagles till the top of the fifth where the Eagles Star pitcher Benny “The dead-eye” Harra was pulled from the game due a problem with his eye sight apparently he was caught up in an accident a few days ago. Once Benny was pull from the game the Ravens started to capitalize with a home run with two men on base.

As if the Eagles losing their two run lead was not enough a fire broke out in the visiting teams locker room. The officials decided to end the game due to fear the the fire could be linked to the arsonists that has been setting fires to different places around Silver Line.

With that we send it back to the news room.

Well i will say that if things were not bad enough in sports today someone attempted to rob the Silver Line bank. Thankfully no insentient by standers were hurt. some reports are even coming in stating that people in mask came in and stopped the man who was trying to rob the bank. Commissioner Donald Carpenter has been quoted saying that the robber has been id as the Silver Line arsonists but refused to make a comment on the masked people in the bank saying the smoke in the building was thick and could have impaired peoples judgement.

when questioned about what happened when they were escorting the man into custody the Commissioner went on to say he was not sure what happened and it is being looked into at this point all he can say is that the suspect may have had enemies who brought about his untimely death.

and that is our news for the day have a good night.


I…see…what you did there!

Things heat up for the home team

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