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Balls. Balls balls balls balls BALLS!!!!!!

Either stop watching the news or use more words

Crap.Turds. Poop. Shit. Darny darn darn.

Well, that’s a start at least.

This is balls. Look at all these news folks all over these places. Where were they when we needed help?! All those nurses and doctors that are supposed to be there when some Crap hits the fan?! Bag of Crap!

They are scared.

No, that’s stupid. Ebola kills folks and people catch HIV but this, tHis is what they are scared of? Stupid.

Yes, something that they dint know what it is or how it does what it does. People tend to be scared of stuff like that.

Yeah…and what about the kids Kevin? Where were their folks? Just dropped at the drop.of a hat? Because of what? Powers?? Some of them didn’t even have new powers!

No. Instead their appearance was obviously changed and they couldn’t be hid, or perhaps the parents were zombies and out down. They had no where else to go. No one does. It there or nothing.

Those crappy cultists! If I catch em.

We will end them

This is why I love you Kevin. You understand me.

Not just the jokes and illusions, huh?

That too. That too.

Coyote Page 4

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