Docs log stardate 93221

stardate 93221.84

Had some troubling news today. We learn that Jenny and Veronica both were dead. Metro Man had supposedly spoken with Veronica after her supposed death. We’re not sure exactly who Metro Man spoke to or if he spoke to anyone. And they think i all colors of crazy.

I am researching and have researched psychic paper. It was a glorious success. Anyone who sees my psychic paper will believe that it is showing them what I want them to see. I used it to emulate a homeland defense official and allowed us to gain access to information we would not have had otherwise.

we had a contact named Garrett at Bobby McGee’s sports bar. When we arrive it appeared that something was amiss.To our extreme horror Garrett was turning to stone. It appeared that he was becoming a mutant and was exposed to the gas that we thought we contained earlier this month. We call the police got everyone evacuate ang Garret was taken into custody.

The information we gathered based on examining Garrett and where he was led us to 4 different clinics. These clinics were two (2) in buildings and two (2) in open-air environments. We surveilled the clinics in the open air areas and placed cameras in the open air clinics areas to keep an eye on things. the clinics were very understaffed. Space no not space first place in first place put a never mind. We noticed that in the open air clinics problems were existing and we had to follow some trails of violence after that.

some good deeds never go unpunished and hopefully those of us that help will live another day. see you tomorrow

Docs log stardate 93221

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