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Hey, talk to me.

You hungry? I’m sure the doc has some snicker s or something.

Seriously, ma’ii. You’ve got me a little worried. You’re never this quiet.

Kevin…I’m scared.


Yeah…weird gas turning people into zambies or living magma people. Now, after we tackle said magma man, he’s shot dead. Boom. Nothing we could do. Quick. Professional. James bond crap, right?

What are we doing? I mean, if we stop a bad guy, that’s easy. Nothing to think about. But what if… what if they aren’t bad guys, Kevin? They’re just messed up people that need help. Kid didn’t ask to be a zambie, or a magma dude. They get powers they can’t control, didn’t want, and people are getting hurt…killed. why? :sigh:

I dunno…I just have been thinking a lot… I.need a laugh.

A laugh huh? Okay…. ninja ficus.


Haha haha! Oh man, that was pretty funny! Did you see metro man? Arms full of ficus!! Hehe Oh spirits my sides! Hehe hahaha!

Yes, I’m saw you…laughing on the floor…as a ficus.


Maybe next time, we just be us…only quiet. And not so bushy.

No fun, Kevin. No fun at all.

Coyote Page 2

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