Docs log stardate 93038

Met new people today. during attack on the city I met two new people today. one of those people was tall rugged and some with call handsome problem with that is he wore a luchador mask and tighty whities. his charisma was rather high he had a way with the human population that he met especially those that he paid particular attention to. I don’t think he was very bright though.

At one point while we were in fighting for the life of the city he grabbed one of the enemy in the new year not in the new year in the air come on computer.I’ll have to adjust my computer doesn’t seem to understand some of my language. so this new super powered person seems to be a well wisher as we all are.

The second person was a petite female she had the strangest clothing but the weirdest thing about her what’s her abilities she keeps calling and Magic so I’m sure there is something about her that causes these things to happen and I don’t think it’s magic.

We took on quite a few enemies we were able to overcome and mitigate any problems from the explosive devices that are fabricated from propane tanks. after the minions after eliminating the minions thank you computer we end up fighting there you can it I don’t think he was in charge but he was at least a bigger more powerful foe. with a little help from the other two I was able to take him down I’m sure the two that are joining me in my endeavor to clean up the city will follow my lead.

I will show the my too cohorts in crime whenever the criminals make sure you annotate that computer where my secret lair is. I expect them to be significantly impressed but my mental prowess. since we are to become a team at some point they should learn the ins and outs of my capabilities so it won’t interfere with me that’s all for now computer sending out.

Docs log stardate 93038

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