Docs log stardate 93057

Was able to reprogram my teaching computer ( Lorraine ) to increase the speed of my thought. It allows me to think faster especially under pressure (2 Ranks)

Additional training was provided by Lorraine to increase my speed of inventing as well (1 Rank)

She was also able to help me Master Technology.

during the battle with the the tennis I forgot to describe him not the tennis guy the lieutenant come on computer. he was a blobfish kind of character he had it would appear to be other humanoids inside of his flesh giving him power you were able to subdue him based on my keen mental imagery as well as my marksmanship with my Howard I invented not Howard me I invented. I collected a sample of his biological tissue further study to see if we can replicate that and maybe use. and a com end of come to my computer how to calibrate you.

Docs log stardate 93057

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